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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Google Apps @ Cambridge is provided as a partnership between the University Information Services (UIS) and Google. Google Apps @ Cambridge is the official name for a Google Apps Education Edition service provided under contract to the University of Cambridge. You sign Google's standard Terms and Conditions.


Google Apps @ Cambridge is available to current staff, students, accredited visitors to the University and staff of affiliated institutions. Access to this service is by Raven authentication for web based access or by dedicated token for non-web based access.

Provision of Service

The University Information Services acts as the University's administrator for the Google Apps @ Cambridge service. The Google Apps @ Cambridge service itself is provided by Google.

Account Provision

When you first use the Google Apps @ Cambridge service, the University's systems create an account on your behalf on Google's servers. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that the University Information Services may pass limited information about you to Google for the purpose of provisioning and operating your Google Apps @ Cambridge account. This information is:

  • Your CRSid.
  • Your name, as it is registered in the UIS user administration database.

Account Activation

A Google Apps @ Cambridge account is activated by your acceptance of these terms & conditions. Your account remains active for as long as you remain entitled to a Raven account.

Account Suspension

If an account is suspended you will not be able to access any data held in that account. Google Apps @ Cambridge accounts may be suspended under the following circumstances:

  • The account holder ceases to be a current member of staff, student or accredited visitor.
  • At Google's request on receipt of an infringement notice regarding Google's Terms of Service.

Any data stored in a suspended account persists on Google's servers for the duration of the suspension.

Account Deletion

Individual Google Apps @ Cambridge accounts are deleted no earlier than 500 days after an account has been suspended. The period between suspension and deletion provides a grace period to enable those returning after a short break from the University to reclaim accounts without data loss.

Individual accounts may also be suspended or deleted at the request of Google on receipt of an infringement notice regarding a breach of Google's Terms of Service.

Once an account has been deleted any data left in that account is irrevocably lost.

Data Protection, Processing & Storage

Like all users of G-Suite, you will be subject to Google's Terms and Conditions and relevant legislation; the following links may be useful:

Each Google Apps @ Cambridge account holder should satisfy themselves that the remote storage of their data on Google's servers and the data processing undertaken by Google is appropriate for their intended uses of the service.


Google provides the University with the facility to turn off the serving of Ads within the Google Apps @ Cambridge Service. UIS will not enable the serving of Ads to current staff, students and accredited visitors to the University.

Service Duration, Termination of Service & Data Retrieval

The Google Apps @ Cambridge service is provided by Google under contract to the University. If the agreement with Google is terminated, the Google Apps @ Cambridge service will cease to be available. The University Information Services will give notice of expected termination of Service, and will provide information on how to migrate data away from the service prior to the termination date. No guarantees can be given regarding the retrieval and migration of data after the termination date.

Processing of personal data by the University's components of the Google Apps @ Cambridge service is covered by its privacy policy.

Version 3 - October 2017 (revision history)